ZIKACUBE LLC Help Protect Your Home From Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes!!!!

     I'm just an average Joe with a baby on the way. My wife is 41 years old, so along with a visit with our obstetrician we made another to a specialist. Neither office offered any information on "THE MOST DANGEROUS VIRUS" to hit the continental United States since POLIO. I took action and decided to educate myself on mosquito control and management.  I am currently licensed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry as a Mosquito Control Agent.  This virus called Zika is in this country NOW and causes SEVERE BIRTH DEFECTS in unborn babies. 

Why is there not a massive education campaign?

 Our government failed to get in front of this. Its not time to panic its time to take action! If you have someone you know or love who may be pregnant please get this information to them. This horrible Zika Virus is avoidable but you must be informed!! 

 Please review the different Cube options I have provided on my website.  I spent hundreds of hours researching mosquito misting systems and found that the Cube offered the key features that make a system reliable, user-friendly, and requires low maintenance.  In fact my 12 year old daughter and I installed our unit that included 450 feet of tubing and 30 nozzles in about 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon. 


Joe Dohmann